So yeah. Long, long ago, back before words like “blog,” “web 2.0” and “wiki” were used in newspapers, there were these things that folks just called websites. We’re not exactly sure where this one came from, but it was birthed into this world for a very important reason: to go to E3, get free swag and comment on games and generally refer to ourselves as ‘Press’.

If you ever went to the old E3, you’d know what a Press badge meant: more booze and free crap than you can shake a stick at. We peeled Ray out of an alley once. Poppin screamed “WOOKIEEEEE” at Raph Koster for five minutes straight during the closed-door Star Wars Galaxies presentation. Rasputin got so much free computer hardware eventually he sold it on the black market for a kidney.

Now we’re just a touch older. What? Much older? Someone get an editor in here, this is sloppy work.

But we have so many things to say we’re positively bursting. There’ll be an archive soon. Many things to work on, many things.