The Day the Laughter Died

It’s literally the stroke of midnight on April 23, 2012; it’s been nearly three full years since anything meaningful happened on this site, and it was mostly my fault. You see, there was this thing called Drupal, and it was hacked, yadda yadda, upgrades, site blew up, yadda, but I have the databases and they’ll get converted. Eventually. You know the drill.

So I was sitting around building my first real gaming computer in ten or so years and fuming. I mean straight up, wrath of God fury. And it needed an outlet, and Facebook is shit for this type of thing, and Google+ is a stillborn oddity, and I didn’t want to post it on my own blog, so here it is. Gaming today is shit. It’s still good, but it’s shit. I cannot fathom what the fuck is going on anymore, mostly because I feel old, I have three kids and I want you bastards to get off of my lawn, or something.

Buckle up. There’s things going on, there could be horrible, awful, trainwreck type things getting ready to explode all over the place like the end result of some pent-up teenager’s heavy petting session. Let’s see if this thing goes anywhere.


  1. Mr. Savage · · Reply

    You rang, bitchcakes?

  2. Troy "Zen" Marcotte · · Reply

    I live at now as Painhertz, almost two years now. Will keep an eye on this but when even Lum is unable to raise much of a forum anymore? yeah, doubtful.

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