Hello all!  Don’t mind the dust as I uncover my chair and warm up the Pentium 3 on the desk here.  I was at Denver ComicCon this weekend and while a good time was mostly had by all, a full con report should be forthcoming if greenlit by the editors. Now, what I want to […]

Do I score nerd points with the reference? Because seriously, you need a fucking PhD to assemble a gaming desktop now. The whole reason I wound up starting to write again was because I just have this need, this amazing desire to go off on a tangent when something makes exactly zero explicable sense. There […]

It’s literally the stroke of midnight on April 23, 2012; it’s been nearly three full years since anything meaningful happened on this site, and it was mostly my fault. You see, there was this thing called Drupal, and it was hacked, yadda yadda, upgrades, site blew up, yadda, but I have the databases and they’ll […]